“Laurie is truly a passionate and inspiring person. She is not only a great speaker, but a wonderful individual. Many speakers can talk the talk, but she truly has walked the walk by creating several highly successful businesses.”
Mac Anderson, Founder – Successories

“Laurie delivered a compelling session during one of our management team meetings. She conveyed the key ingredients that helped develop our employees, increase customer satisfaction, and instill a sense of well being, both on a highly personal and professional level. We appreciate her delivery and thought provoking ideas, all of which were portrayed through her own life experiences.”
Brad Bronenkamp, Director,
Corporate Event Services, Anheuser Busch Companies

“When I determined that all of our 150 managers and supervisors desperately required a Coaching skill course, I was most impressed by Laurie and her team. They did an excellent job of engaging the students – even those who were less than enthusiastic about participating in the course – or believed they knew it all already… Even the initially skeptical were won over – and they acknowledged that they had fun learning.  Many of the participants noted that the course was time well spent!”
Marilyn Severson, Director of Organization Development
 H&R Block

“I have listened to, or have taken part in, many presentations given by numerous presenters on many diverse subjects. None have been better, more pointed, or sincerely delivered than those presented by Laurie Calzada. She has engrossed herself in profoundly affecting the lives of those with whom she comes into contact. She has dedicated much time and fortune to promote advocacy for the mentally ill. Her presentation content is real and alive, as she has personally experienced and overcome the negatives of this family handicap. She walks the talk! She motivates her listeners and allows them to leave her presentation with a passion to achieve. I know, because I have listened!”
J.M. McHugh, Chief Operating Officer – LDI, Inc.
Director of Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

“Laurie is a person that makes you feel good by being in her presence. I remember meeting her at a restaurant years ago; however, I don’t remember the restaurant’s name or what I ate. Her personality is infectious and her passion for excellence permeates every fiber of her being. Over the years, I have seen her present for the Optimists and take this energy and desire to help others and move them in a positive direction. Laurie is a very special friend, a motivator, and a woman who does the common things, uncommonly well.”
Dr. Jerry Wolf, Governor 2004-2005
– Illinois District of Optimists International

“Laurie Calzada is a compelling voice for the children who have been abused. Speaking to educators, advocates and abuse prevention organizations, she reinforces our desire to keep up the good work to connect with children, helping them heal. She also helps change our community, family by family, child by child. She, herself, is a reminder that childhood dreams can come true. She is also a shinning example of how children of abuse can, and do, become loving, nurturing parents, as well as a changing force in society.”
Jeanetta Issa, MPA, Chief Executive Officer
– Child Abuse Prevention Association

“It has always been a pleasure working with Laurie. She is engaging, motivational and most importantly, chock full of tactical and practical tips for leaders at all levels…. Her enthusiasm and drive are contagious, and I would recommend her highly.”
Eric Harvey, President – The Walk the Talk Company

“Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with Laurie on many different levels. Her professionalism, presentation style, assertiveness and outgoing personality make Laurie…unstoppable.”
Larry Conners, TV News Anchor

“Laurie is a passionate and engaging presenter. She has a unique talent to challenge and lead any size group at any level of the organization. Using her own experience, she is able to bring “real life” examples to enable her audiences to learn from the experience. Her drive and passion are contagious! She has always been willing and able to take a broad view of any topic or opportunity placed before her. By sharing so freely of herself, she improves the lives of those she touches.”
Ross Stonecipher, Vice President of Operations
– ExecuTrain Corporation

“Laurie, sometimes we make a difference in people’s lives and don’t know we have. Your coaching class took me to the next level and we have done great things here at Brotherhood Bank. Happy Holidays lovely lady.”
Carolyn Barnes, Vice President – Brotherhood Bank

“I had the pleasure of working with Laurie Calzada on a major business and technology project at my firm. I learned from Laurie that there is no substitute for organizational and interpersonal skills. Laurie is always two steps ahead in anticipating requests from the business. I believe this can be attributed to her entrepreneurial style and an uncanny “intuition” that she possesses. Although Laurie is extremely busy working simultaneously on multiple initiatives, she has the ability to prioritize effectively and set clear expectations. I have learned from Laurie the importance of ‘being in the moment,’ making sure that you are fully listening and aware of the needs of individuals on both a professional and personal level.”
Michael Shine, IT Application Manager – Wachovia Financial Services

“Laurie Calzada was an intense student in high school debate in the early 1980s, and we lost touch over time. Little did I realize what that intensity was developing in her! She is focused on her goals, calculating in managing her career and highly intentional about where she wants to go in life. The time I have spent with her since our re-acquaintance in 2004 has convinced me of her ability to inspire-because she has inspired me and given me new energy for my own career! Certainly the student has become the teacher! I’m sure Stephen Covey would delight in Laurie’s ability to develop goals and actions based on core values! She is passionate about everything, and especially about what she can communicate to others to excite them about their own careers. She did it for me across a conference table and a cup of coffee.”
George Flanagan, Debate Coach – Lee’s Summit High School

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