Laurie Calzada is one of the most sought-after International speakers and coaches. What makes Laurie different? She’s been there… done that! She has beaten all the odds in life, both personally and professionally. You will find that many high content speakers have their scripts. They have their stories. They have their tactics, but they have never lived it. Laurie has! That is what makes her one of a kind. She’s a self-made woman who has been through the valleys of business and life but has risen to the peaks of the mountain despite the barriers around her.

She has spent her life telling people and organizations to never quit! Her unique style makes her one of the most intriguing storytellers and presenters. Laurie will change your perspective on life and business. Using her personal experience of feeling there was no hope, no dreams, and no destiny, she reaches into your hearts and minds to make you think about the most important things in your life. You leave her presence feeling inspired, wanting to make a difference in your life and the lives of your employees and family. Listening to Laurie’s journey and advice about how to live your life, coach your people, and raise your family will revolutionize and energize your entire audience.

Delving into her decades of experience in coaching, managing, and owning businesses, Laurie teaches leaders, teams, educators, and people of all walks of life that everything they do and everything they say leaves a fingerprint behind. She is open and honest about where she has come from and where she is headed.

She will use her own experiences of successes and failures to inspire you. Your hearts and minds will be touched through stories, audience participation, and humor. She will make you laugh, cry, think, and dream in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, she will make you believe in yourself and make you realize that you must NEVER QUIT!

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