Laurie Calzada is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, media host, and management consultant with more than 35 years of experience. She has hosted a monthly TV Talk Show, “The Big Money Idea,” and has written and presented on many topics such as leadership, mastering change, coaching, team building, and finding your purpose in life. With her background in psychology and business, she has become one of the top presenters on emotional intelligence and generational gaps in the workplace. Her focus is to motivate those who have a desire to excel, and she is a believer that you can accomplish anything with enough determination and ambition. Laurie’s outstanding career has allowed her to consult and present for hundreds of Fortune 1,000 companies, as well as numerous non-profit organizations. She has hosted and emceed many fundraising events for causes she believes in so dearly and has dedicated the last several years to child advocacy, child abuse prevention, and rape prevention.

As an International Author and Speaker, Laurie helps people find their passion in life, teaches them to embrace change and opportunities, and lets them know they leave a fingerprint on other people’s lives. She believes you should never give up, and never let the trials of your past dictate the blessings of your future. She is the author of “Inspiring Passion in Others” and “180 Ways to Effectively Deal with Change.”

Laurie has an entrepreneurial spirit, which led her to successfully found or co-found eight different operations over the past 35 years. She is known as a leader in the business community, a life coach to thousands, and a humanitarian to all. She has been a board member of many corporations and non-profit organizations. Laurie began her career 35 years ago while studying Marketing and Psychology at the University of Maryland, European Division in England. She also holds a degree in Business from Purdue University. In addition, she received a certificate in Broadcast Journalism in the 1990s.

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