180 Ways to Effectively Deal with Change

Life has become a whirlwind of change. Our society moves at a pace that far exceeds any other time in history…constantly changing…constantly moving…constantly growing…constantly progressing.

Change isn’t bad…change isn’t always good…but change will ALWAYS be necessary for survival. It isn’t the “do’s” and “don’ts” of change that are the most important, but rather how you react to it.

“Laurie Calzada has nailed it! ‘180 Ways to Effectively Deal with Change’ is an excellent resource on accepting change, dealing with it effectively, and learning how to manage it both in your personal and professional life. Spend time reading this simple, yet comprehensive book, and it will make you a champion instead of a victim of change.”

Todd Duncan, CEO, Maximum Impact Group New York Times Best Selling Author of Time Traps and High Trust Selling

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