Coaching is an essential skill in everyday life. All of us have been great coaches at moments, and many of us have been horrible coaches at other times. Laurie has worked with leaders and organizations in North America and Europe in dealing with change, rebranding efforts, and organizational development. She not only has run her own highly successful businesses, but she has sat on Advisory Boards for other organizations.

Her coaching style and delivery has allowed her to work with thousands of business over the decades. During her career, she has delivered thousands of hours of materials, and any workshop or session can be tailored to your team’s needs. Here are some of the core topics that Laurie covers:


Understanding coaching strategies
Evaluating the difference between Coaching and Managing
Setting expectations with your team
Developing goals with your staff
Outlining Characteristics of a Good Coach
Dealing with conflict resolution


“It’s a jungle in here…” Understanding people. (Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!)
Evaluating different personality styles
Providing feedback
Understanding what makes them tick
Coaching diverse employees
Planes, Trains and Automobiles… How do you get there?
Team Building – Games People Play


Helping your people accept change.
Using tricks and games to help your people embrace change.
Effectively leading change to increase productivity and profitability.


Using effective verbal communication
Using effective presentation skills
Reading and understanding non-verbal communication
Understanding the communication channel… sending, receiving and feedback
Identifying message distortions, and stop the grapevine!
You never learn by talking… Learn to Ask
Keep your ears Open!
Get out of your INBOX and talk to your people

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